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How A Pendant Light Can Transform Your Kitchen

Thinking about upgrading your kitchen design, Wanting a centre piece to make an impact? Kitchen islands have recently gained popularity and become a go-to feature when redesigning kitchens. Pendant lighting makes a big impacts to a kitchen in such a simple way. 

When you initially start looking for the perfect pendant light it can be intimidating as there are so many different designs to choose from and you don’t want to make the room look too cluttered. But the larger area of light you are wanting the bigger the pendant should be. 



Adding pendant lighting into a kitchen catches the attention of guests from eye level and brightens up space at the same time. When wanting to brighten up the mood in a kitchen there are many spots pendants can be placed.

You can hang a row of 3 pendants in the centre of the room above a kitchen island to lighten up the worktops this creates great task lighting for things  like food prep and eating. Alternatively you can and a pendant above a dining table to create the same Kinda feel in a smaller space. 

You can have a pendant in any size kitchen it's just a matter of finding the right one. The overall size of the kitchen depends on finding the perfect pendant for you. The hight of your kitchen is the main element to consider when deciding on a pendant size as small delicate pendants can get lost in a big space and if you have a large pendant in a small room it can dominate the space. If your kitchen has plenty of open space a larger pendant is the way forward. 

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