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Class 2 double insulated light fixtures


What exactly does class 2 and double insulated actually mean? Firstly Class 2 and double insulated mean the exact same thing these lights are designed to be used within a property that has no earth wire fitted.  A class 2 or double insulated light fixture is one which has been designed in a way that it does not require a safety connection to electrical earth (ground). An added layer of safety against electrical shock is achieved by using double layers of insulating material or reinforced insulation protecting any live parts of the fitting. Earth wires (Class 1) are mainly installed in houses if it was built after 1970, an earth wire acts as a safety net if the light fitting ever becomes live this means if something was to happen the electricity flowing into the fitting would be taken down the earth wire into the ground whilst blowing the fuse. This stops the electricity flowing ones it has blown and stops the electricity running down a different route.


With all this said can class 2 double insulated lights be made out of metal? Yes they can. Some Electricians refuse to fit a metal double insulated light because miss information a light fitting is classed as double insulated because of the way its wired not the material it is made of. In fact 99% of all class 2 lights are actually made out of metal. Every class 2 double insulated light fixture goes through a testing procedure organised by a manufacture before it is even given a certification. Double insulated lights should be any more expensive than a standard lights. More manufacturers are turning to making sole double insulated lights as they can be used for both earthed and non-earthed wiring.

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